Flood & Cyclone Mitigation & Response Forum

Brisbane | 22-23 February 2018

More than $450 million has been spent every year since 2002 by Australian governments on restoring essential public infrastructure assets following extreme weather events. Cyclone Debbie resulted in 14 deaths and $2 billion in economic losses in Queensland alone. In this context, it is vital that clear policies, practices and strategies are in place to mitigate against unnecessary risk and loss of life.

Flood & Cyclone Mitigation & Response Forum brings together leading disaster management professionals from government, community and business to discuss better ways to prepare, mitigate and respond to floods and cyclones.

This event will feature over 20 expert speakers to showcase the latest developments in emergency management, infrastructure reconstruction, land use planning, business resilience, regenerating communities and disaster insurance.



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  • Learn how local disaster managers are implementing measures to mitigate the impact of future floods and cyclones
  • Gain insight into Operation Queensland Recovery, the Queensland Government’s plan to recover, reconnect and rebuild more resilient communities after Tropical Cyclone Debbie
  • Discover new approaches for improving land use to mitigate the impact of floods and cyclones
  • Learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive business resilience strategy to protect your organisation’s day to day operations during floods and cyclones
  • Understand how emergency services are successfully operationalising lessons learnt from past disasters for improved emergency response
  • Learn how the latest disaster management planning strategies can improve your organisation’s disaster readiness through Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
  • Enhance collaboration with local communities and not for profit organisations to provide a more comprehensive emergency management response


Flood & Cyclone Mitigation & Response is a valuable source of information, insights, and networking opportunities for:

  • Emergency Management Coordinators
  • State & Fire Emergency Services
  • Local government – Mayors, Councillors & Executive staff
  • Disaster/Crisis Managers
  • Utility Providers
  • Volunteers and Not for Profits
  • Insurance Risk & Claims Managers
  • Disaster recovery & Business Continuity Managers
  • Business Resilience Managers
  • Police
  • Emergency Management Software Providers
  • Damage restoration firms


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